April 21, 2024

Weekly news update

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Real Simple gives you quick solutions for several common foot problems.
Fashionista has news about a possible microbeads ban.
The new York Times has an essay about … well, it’s tough to do it justice with a sentence-long explanation, so, just read it (but stay away from the comments unless you are craving some mansplaining…).
Lifehacker shares one person’s unexpected experiences with a standing desk.
Slate’s DoubleX blog asks, “Why do women stop getting raises in the middle of their careers?”
Reuters reports that eHarmony will launch elevated Careers, “an online employment service that will put [its] compatibility matching techniques … to the test in the career market.”
The Washington post reports that women who work in Boston can receive free negotiating classes (h/t to The Broadsheet).
New York magazine’s science of Us tells you what time you should drink your coffee and also reports on a study that results in the following disappointing conclusion: “Women who express their emotions aren’t taken seriously, but emotional restraint doesn’t do much good, either.”
For your Laugh of the Week, The toast shares some ideas for informational interviews.

Psst: After seeing a ton of reader requests for outfit inspiration from real working women, I’m going to try to start featuring some on the Corporette Instagram account. If you’ve got a killer work outfit, send it in! If you have your own Instagram and want to be featured with credit, use the hashtag #RealWomenWorking to be considered… if you want to be anonymous (or don’t have an Instagram account), please take a snap and email us (headless shots are OK). (I hope it doesn’t need to be said, but women of all sizes are welcome to submit!) —Kat
On CorporetteMoms Recently…
We talked about tactics for eating at restaurants with kids.
Kat shared some clothes for working moms, including some maternity basics and washable office clothes.

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